Everything we thought you might want to know about a day at the range. For anything we missed, give us a call at 702-979-9494.

NRA Certification
No worries! Just an hour with a good teacher can make a world of difference. Schedule a 1-hour private lesson at your convenience with one of our celebrated firearms instructors on our Private Lessons page.

$45 per renter plus the cost of the ammo. You may rent additional calibers for $10 plus ammo. Price includes range time with a Range Safety Officer, up to 4 targets, complimentary eye and ear protection, and refreshments.

For the sake of comparison and at no extra cost, we encourage you to try up to 3 different guns for each caliber you rent.

For you, $25. This includes unlimited range time, complimentary eye and ear protection, refreshments and 1 signature sonic gun cleaning!

Add up to 3 friends in the same lane for $15 each. AND, you may use your own ammo (but please see rules about ammo below).

You can shoot most common-caliber handguns (.22lr – 50), shotguns with buckshot and slugs, and rifles up to 7.62×39 (AK-47).

You MAY use your ammo with your guns, but you MUST buy our ammo when you rent our guns.

ALLOWED: Lead ammo, hollow points, frangible, re-loads, slugs, buckshot, rifle calibers up to 7.62×39 (AK-47). NOT ALLOWED: Steel core, green tip, tracer ammo, steel shot or birdshot.

We have 14 lanes (7 public, 7 private), each 15 yards long.

Yes! We have 7 lanes on the Public Range and 7 lanes on the exclusive Private Club Range.

All people 7 and older are welcome to shoot on the range. Any person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times.

Yes. All you need is a valid, government-issued photo ID (passport, ID card, Drivers license, etc) in order to use our range.

Yes. We allow you to draw from the holster in 2 designated lanes on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Hot brass and steel casings are flying around, so less exposed skin is better. Tennis shoes beat flip flops. Turtle necks beat low-flying V-necks. Dress comfortably, but be sensible.

Also, please refrain from using clothing that causes offense to other guests and/or staff, including clothing with offensive writing or images. We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone dressed in a manner deemed inappropriate by the staff.

Yes. We offer 3 membership plans to fit your specific shooting needs and save you time and money at the range.

Our Silver Membership is designed for the casual shooter who visits 2 times a month.

Our Gold Membership is perfect for the enthusiast who shoots 3+ times a month.

Our Club Membership offers the luxury of a Private Range, guest passes, and a host of additional savings on firearms, ammo and classes.

Check out our Memberships page for details and find the one that’s right for you.

Yes! You can get your initial permit ($125) or renew your permit ($90) at Green Valley Range! Our Nevada CCW program includes 5-8 hours of state-mandated instruction, a written exam, and a firearms proficiency test. We will provide you with targets and eye and ear protection.

The CCW class does not teach basic firearm or shooting instruction, so if you are new to firearms, or if your aim is a bit rusty, schedule a Private Lesson first.

The instruction fee does not include the administration fees paid to the Sheriff’s Department. For the Nevada permit, that fee is approximately $100.

Bring your own gun and ammo, or rent a gun ($15) and purchase our ammo. You may qualify with any caliber handgun.

Well…yes. Passing the written exam simply requires paying attention in class. Passing the firearms proficiency test requires some aim, and your instructor will be at your side to help you through your course of fire. We do recommend anyone who is not already proficient with a firearm to invest in some Private Firearm Training. For $75, you’ll receive private instruction on handling your gun in a safe and effective manner. Check out our Calendar to get signed up today.

Yes! But you must submit your paperwork to the Nevada Sheriff’s Department in person, so plan on 1 full day for the class and part of a 2nd day for handling the paperwork.

We sure do! In August 2018, we opened a 4,000 square foot gun store adjacent to the range, where you can shop a vast selection of new and consigned firearms.

You can also shop us online at the Gallery of Guns and pick up your gun at Green Valley Range with ZERO transfer fees! A $25 background check will still apply if you don’t have a current Nevada CCW.

We also have a Classifieds section if you want to browse an always changing lineup of rare and collectible guns from private sellers.

All day! We charge $40 per firearm, and and additional $25 if you require a background check (current CCW holders are exempt). Please email us at ffl@greenvalleyrange.com to get started.

Besides firearms, we sell optics, sights, conceal purses, hard and soft gun cases, knives, magazines, ammunition, holsters, security gear, and plenty of firearm accessories and supplies. Check out our Shop if you want to buy gift cards from home.

Yes! Green Valley Range gift cards are a great go-to present. Gift cards are available for purchase in our online Shop and in-store.

At Green Valley Range, your safety is our top priority. Our rules are posted in multiple locations and are reinforced at all stages of your visit by our staff. Please visit our Range Rules page for a full list of our range rules.

We’re always looking for good talent. You can come in at any time and speak with one of our managers or email us at info@greenvalleyrange.com to apply today.