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Range & Store Hours

Monday – Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am – 7pm

Gun Rental Hours
Every Day: 11:30am – 5:30pm


We don’t set time limits, so reservations aren’t practical. Just come on in. We have a lounge with tv, soda, popcorn and good conversation in the event of a wait.

Range Prices

Shooting your guns
One shooter: $20
Additionals (up to 3): $10 each

Renting our guns
Every shooter: $20 range + $10 per caliber + cost of ammo

Range fees are good all day and include refreshments, eye/ear protection, targets and 1 sonic hand gun cleaning.

Range Specials

Thursday: Ladies get $10 off
Weekdays: Casino workers get $5 off
Weekdays: Gun store employees get $15 off
Every Day: Military, Fire, Police and Seniors get $2 off

If you come here often, be sure to check out our Memberships for big savings on range time, among other perks.

Top 5 FAQs

What guns do you allow on your range?

Handguns up to .50AE, shotguns with buckshot and slugs, and rifles up to 7.62×39.

What are your rules about ammo?

Your guns, Your ammo. Our guns, Our ammo.
Allowed: Lead ammo, hollow points, frangible, re-loads, slugs, buckshot, rifle calibers up to 7.62×39.
No: Steel core, green tip, tracers, incendiaries, steel shot or birdshot.

Do you rent guns?

YES! Everyday from 11:30am – 5:30pm. We rent our handguns a la carte. Shoot the subtle .22lr, the blatant 50AE Desert Eagle and almost everything in between. If you want to shoot fully automatic machine guns, we have machine gun packages for shooters of all comfort levels.

Do you sell guns and accessories?

Accessories: YES! We sell holsters, pistol and rifle cases, AR-15 accessories, cleaning supplies, optics and lasers, magazines and GVR merchandise. And, we sell Benchmade knives!
Guns: YES! We opened a brand new 4000-foot store in August, where you can shop a vast collection of new and used handguns, shotguns and rifles. Or, you can buy online through Gallery of Guns with zero transfer fees and lifetime guarantees! Or, if you’re interested in buying from a private party, see what’s new today in our Classifieds section.

I’ve never shot a gun before. Help!

No worries! Just an hour with a good teacher can make a world of difference. Schedule a 1-hour private lesson at your convenience with one of our celebrated firearms instructors, John BebirianJohn Nagy or Jessica Jones.

Didn’t see your question? It might be answered on our FAQs page.

By the Numbers

7 years old

Minimum age to be on the range.

7-14 years old

pay no range fees!

7-17 years old

require a parent or guardian.

14 lanes

7 public, 7 private.

15 yards

Length of our range.

35+ guns

and parts for sale in our Classifieds!


handguns, shotguns and rifles for rent!

Range Services

FFL transfers welcome!

We are happy to be your FFL destination, but we only accept transfers from licensed FFL holders.

Initiate the transfer:

  1. Buy a gun, find a licensed FFL holder, and choose “Green Valley Range” as your FFL.
    (If the sender doesn’t have a copy of our FFL, have them request one at ffl@greenvalleyrange.com).
  2. You’re done!

When the gun arrives:

  1. PLEASE wait for us to call and tell you your gun is ready for pick-up. It should be ready 1-2 business days after it is received from the carrier.
  2. Please bring a copy of your receipt when you come to get your gun.

Pick-Up Times:

With a CCW: Every day from Open until 5:30pm
Without a CCW: Every day from Open until 5pm


Everyone: $25 per firearm + NV state sales tax (see Tax Bulletin SUT 15-0001, effective Jan 26, 2015)
No CCW: Add $25 for a background check

Come re-qual with us!

Green Valley Range fully supports our security officers and retired law enforcement officers.

We have instructors available for HR-218s and re-quals every Sunday through Thursday from 11am to 4pm. If you can’t make those times, please call us at (702) 979-9494 to schedule an appointment.


You bring: Your gun, your holster and 30 rounds of ammo (you may also rent a gun and buy ammo)
We provide: Targets, eye and ear protection, refreshments and a gun cleaning
Price: $20

PILB Re-quals

You bring: Your gun, your holster and 30 rounds of ammo (you may also rent a gun and buy ammo)
We provide: $5 Money order, targets, eye and ear protection, refreshments and a gun cleaning
Price: $35

Buy and sell with us!

Gallery of Guns

Green Valley Range has a partnership with Davidsons at the Gallery of Guns, which lets you purchase new firearms and accessories online and have them shipped straight to us. What does this mean for you?

  1. Convenience. Our arrangement with Davidson’s means there is no transfer for you to coordinate. Simply pay a deposit online and the balance at our register when your package arrives.
  2. Zero transfer fees. Save $25 per firearm.
  3. Huge selection and tiny prices. Compare Davidson’s to other national retailers and see for yourself.
  4. Davidson’s Lifetime Guarantee. If something breaks, Davidson’s will replace it. No more waiting on the manufacturer.

The Classifieds

We started our Classifieds section to make private sales easy in post-Question-1 Nevada. Since then we have 100s of listings pass through our site, including some rare and collectible pieces. What does this mean for you?

  1. Convenience. Creating an ad should be familiar to anyone who’s sold a gun online before. For those who haven’t, call us and we’ll be glad to help.
  2. Zero to list and zero commission. Keep your gun listed for up to 6 months. When you find a buyer, we charge a service fee of $25 per firearm.
  3. Peace of mind. We perform a background check on any buyer without a CCW ($25) and record the sale in our books.

Our New Store

In August 2018, Green Valley Range took over the space that was formerly Urban Civil Defense. In September 2018, we got the license to sell on consignment. Today, we are wall-to-wall with new and used guns at extremely competitive prices. Come check out our inventory, and possibly consign some of your own to make room for some new stuff.

From Our Customers

Best range that I have been to in 20 years. Had my wife, son, and daughter in law with, and we all had a blast.  I have been to plenty of ranges across the US and this is one of the best. A must if you’re looking to shoot in the Vegas area.

Kenny V.Las Vegas, NV

I’m a beginner and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start! The range isn’t too big! The facility is spotless, the staff is friendly, there is an instructor nearby at all times! It’s very affordable, which means I will go often! And it’s only under 10 minutes from my home! Lucky me! Try it you’ll love it!

Cory D.Henderson, NV

Great facility and staff! My husband and I took our CCW class yesterday and I would highly recommend! Schedule your class today and be sure to request John! He made it fun, educational and very enjoyable!

Joanne M.Las Vegas, NV

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