UPDATE: Starting Wednesday, July 1st, the Range will no longer require lane reservations, and we will return to our First-Come-First-Serve model. We will still enforce our social distancing policies. That means we will only allow 2 people per lane, and 10 people in the lobby. That may mean that some people will be asked to wait outside.

We ARE NOT doing firearm rentals, Groupons or gun cleanings. Lane rental is strictly for YOU to shoot your own guns.

We are currently conducting multiple CCW classes each week. We are using 2 classrooms with a maximum capacity of 8 people per classroom. Please save your seat on our calendar.

If you bought a Groupon, you can request a refund from them or let us honor it on a future visit regardless of expiration.

We will still conduct PILB re-quals Sunday-Thursday 11a-4p by appointment.

Thank you!

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