Mistakes Affecting Your Rifle Shooting Accuracy

Las Vegas Gun Store: Guidelines for Proper Rifle Accuracy

According to Long Range BPCR, keeping your body cool and comfortable is essential in getting a good rifle accuracy. This is because dehydration causes the shooter to become disoriented. This causes tremors in the hands as well as headaches that are paired with a blurry vision. Not really the ideal condition shooters want to be in. Here at Green Valley Range, the first shooter fee costs $20. This is good for the whole day and includes eye and ear protection, targets, as well as one sonic handgun cleaning. With this Las Vegas gun store fee, refreshments are also included to make sure customers are properly hydrated.   

Rifle Mistakes

Green Valley Range allows customers to shoot all rifles up to 7.62X39. Each of our 14 lanes, that are 15 yards long, are equipped with a ventilation system that surpasses the minimum requirement by 150%. We are giving our customers extra comfort when they visit us. That is why we are considered as the warmest and friendliest gun store Las Vegas has. Aside from comfort and dehydration, there are other factors that affect rifle accuracy. Here are some common factors affecting shooting accuracy as listed by Best Ar15 Scope:

  • Mounting a Scope

When mounting a scope, make sure to get the right bases and rings and then level it afterwards. This ensures that the scope is properly mounted and will provide a more precise accuracy. It is important to be patient when doing this as this does need detailed adjustments to get it just right.

  • Shoulder Pressure

There is no exact amount on how much pressure is to be applied. Find the right pressure by seeing what feels comfortable and consistent. Make sure that the pressure is steady between shots to ensure you are still on the target. Avoid moving around too much and try to regulate your breathing.

  • Trigger Pull

Instead of pulling the trigger, as what people are used to, a better way to get accurate shooting results is to press the trigger. Though the difference is very subtle, this allows for a better trigger control during sessions.

Apply These Tips Today

Try out these tips today by checking out the best range and gun store in Las Vegas. Green Valley Range is open all days of the week. We are open from Mondays to Fridays; 11am to 7pm and Saturdays to Sundays; 8am to 7pm. Don’t forget to check out our wide range of gun selections and try out the machine gun packages for an exhilarating experience. Call us today at (702)979-9494 or email us at info@greenvalleyrange.com. Be the accurate marksman you aim to be. Start your practice today!

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